“Both of my daughters and I have taken lessons with Lee Ann for four years.  First of all, she is just a phenomenal teacher.  We’ve noticed she teaches a wide range of students from young to old, from those that are very gifted to those who just love having music in their lives.  What we feel is unique about Lee Ann is that she takes the time with every one of her students to get to know them personally and she teaches each student differently – taking into account not only where they are in their piano skills, but who they are, how they learn and even what is going on in their lives.  She is truly a standout teacher and we couldn’t recommend her more.”

– E. Kelble, student/parent

“My favorite thing about taking piano lessons from Lee Ann is that she wants each student to succeed at their individual level and tailors lessons to each student.  From my 5 year old just starting out to my teenager finessing her skills, to me as a professional needing a diversion from my work life – she brings an approachable style of teaching so we can each learn how to play better yet still enjoy the process.”

– Dr. M. Bechamps, student/parent

“Throughout my 9 years of lessons, Lee Ann taught me how to feel the emotion behind the sound, how to manage the balance between technique and passion, and not to forget my “ear.”  That deep emotional and imaginative connection to music is what kept me coming back year after year to learn more, to play more.  No matter what was going on in my life, she found a way to connect it to the music and that is something I have carried close to my heart.  She encouraged me to continue music when I went to college, and although I didn’t major in music, I took piano lessons all 4 years as an undergraduate.  There are truly not enough words to describe how much of an impact she had on my life; I am beyond blessed to have studied with Lee Ann for so many years.”

– R. de Azagra, former student/speech-language pathologist

“Dedication, experience and talent describe my friend and colleague, Lee Ann Dransfield.  She is a respected teacher among piano teachers both locally and at a regional and state level.  Lee Ann combines her compassionate nature, positivity and an organized curriculum to inspire and motivate her students who play with musicality and confidence.”

– S. Ticknor, colleague/pianist

“Mrs. Dransfield was an amazing piano teacher, but also an amazing adult to have in my life.  As I began to take on beginning piano students as a music therapist, I modeled much of my teaching from the wonderful experience I had with her.  Her genuine interest in her students’ well-being and progress is something that I aim to replicate with my own students and clients.  I’m also incredibly grateful for the musical foundation that she provided as I went on to major in music therapy with piano as my primary instrument.  I currently work as a music therapist/music teacher in a school that services students with multiple disabilities PreK-12th grade.  I also teach adapted lessons for ukulele and piano.”

– M. Caluda, former student/music therapist

“Studying with Lee Ann was a unique and wonderfully fulfilling experience.  I started with her at seven and stayed until I was nearly 18, which shows her versatility with students of different ages.  She would always adapt to how I was feeling when I walked into the lesson, and I always felt that I was understood as a person, as well as a musician.  The piano education I received from her was based in music theory, so that my understanding of the piano was deeper than just what I saw and heard.  I am now an undergraduate majoring in Piano and Vocal Performance, and I believe that I have Lee Ann to thank for my confidence in applying to schools, as well as my success in college courses.  I would not be the musician I am today if I hadn’t started my musical education with Lee Ann.”

– L. Martindale, undergraduate piano and vocal performance major

“As a 3-year piano student of Professor Dransfield, I was always encouraged to learn more, practice harder, and never give up. Being the only African-American student with minimum knowledge of classical piano and theory, I was always afraid I wasn’t picking the material up as fast as my classmates and I always had questions about technique and general piano knowledge. It was a huge challenge to be thrown into classical music theory and piano classes with only a jazz genre background. Professor Dransfield was able to help me connect the ideas that I was learning in my theory class and practice them hands-on in piano. Overall, Professor Dransfield helped me gain courage in my learning and understand that everyone learns differently and that’s what makes us all unique.”

– J. Cook,  undergraduate music therapy major/vocalist

Lee Ann Dransfield has nurtured the piano skills of countless Shenandoah Conservatory students over the past 22 years. Her expertise, creativity and grace will be missed greatly.

– Dr. K. Walker, Associate Professor of Piano, Shenandoah Conservatory

“We have been taking piano lessons from Lee Ann for nearly 20 years.  We are ‘late bloomers,’ and both in our 80’s now.  Lee Ann has been sensitive and adaptive in her teaching to our varying skills and abilities.  She is very strong in technique and music theory.  We would highly recommend her as a teacher for both youth and adults.”

– F. and E. Schmid, students/retirees

“As a piano teacher who was not going to teach her own daughter, I knew what to look for in choosing a piano teacher for M – an excellent grasp of piano teaching, knowledge of music, a kind manner, and an approach to each individual student that would instill a lifetime love and enthusiasm for music.  I found that in Lee Ann Dransfield.  For over 10 years, she helped my daughter to grow as a pianist, a musician, and a mature young woman.  She influenced M in so many ways and to this day they maintain a wonderful relationship with each other.  And I’m proud to say Ms. Dransfield also influenced me as a teacher and human being in so many ways, often with just one sentence…”

– Dr. E. Caluda, Professor Emerita of Piano, Shenandoah Conservatory/parent

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